January 20, 2024

The news you need to know for the week of January 20, 2024.

My human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

Gabriel and blurred clouds. My photos available from Envato.

Congressman claims UFOs may be extradimensional angels. Well I guess that’s as plausible as any other theory.

Serial dater sues 27 women for negative reviews.

Fact: Only one jockey has ever won a horse race while dead. Bet that was an interesting winner’s circle.

Study: Half of recent inflation is corporate profit.

Dodecahedron: An archaeological mystery of mathematical proportions. Maybe a junction for ropes or yarn?

Spider venom may find use in treating heart attack and stroke. Hopefully we won’t have to carry an emergency spider with us.

Is Climate Change causing fewer spot on butterfly wings?

Dude, study shows weed not useful for weaning off opioids.

Jehovah’s Witness sues for receiving life-saving transfusion against her will.

Those we lost: PDQ Bach, Professor Peter Schickle, 89. The last Honeymooner, actress Joyce Randolph, 99. Brit whodunit director Roy Battersby, 87.


Ikea building world’s largest wind farm. But is it easy to assemble? Zen Zero on Bluesky asks if you just get one hex wrench for all 1237 windmills or one for each.

Zapping space junk with earthbound lasers.

Study says paper is much better for learning than screens.

Nuclear battery for the phone you keep in your pocket? Maybe a little too close to necessary bodyparts for comfort.

Wireless Charging that could power up an EV in 15 minutes.

So did I hear right? Massimo CEO says Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Monitor is inaccurate, but wants to talk to Apple about licensing anyway?

Rabbit announces that the R1 uses Perplexity as one of its LLMs. Offers discount on Perplexity Pro. Don’t think that means much, but gives a clue to the inner workings. Over 50K units sold in less than a week.


Will 77% accurate AI fingerprint tool catch on in crime fighting? And how many wrongful conviction lawsuits could it lead to?

25% of CEOs plan to replace humans with AI this year.

Another award-wining novelist admits using ChatGPT.

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