January 12, 2024

The news you need to know for the week of January 13, 2024.

My human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

71-year-old bank robber released from prison and pulls another job. Who says seniors aren’t productive.

Tyromancy: Predicting the future with cheese via Jason Kottke. Mine does that. It usually tells me to throw it away or I’d get sick.

Lulu Lotus’ nose whistle registers 44 dB.

Fascinatin’: Street artist creates optical illusions.

One-dimensional Pacman via John Gruber. Play it now.

OMG OMG: The talking bidet of the future is here. What? No one excited?

iPhone falls 16K ft from Alaska Airlines flight and works fine. But the Finewoven case has a tiny spot on it. It’s ruined! (Sorry, had to.)

Navajo nation protests desecrating sacred moon with human remains. Speaking of:

Space, the final resting place. Gene Roddenberry ashes don’t make it to the moon.

Cat door that keeps kitty from bringing dead gifts inside.

Interesting idea: Green Cross to aid environmental disasters.

Stats: Where teens spend their social media time.

Those we lost: Father of Pascal Niklaus Wirth, 89. BBC Announcer Annie Nightingale, 83. Stripe Fruit Gum, 54.


Open AI says it can’t make money without pilfering copyrighted content.

Will AI destroy personkind by enforcing our silliest laws?

Will Rabbit R1 assistant replace your phone? It’s AI learns from you and puts requests into action. $199 and pocketable. 20K units sold by day two. Don’t know about the device, but the idea certainly is a game-changer.

University enrolls AI students. And they even have to payout-of-state rates.

As an AI pediatrician, ChatGPT is accurate 17% of the time.

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