January 6, 2024

The news you need to know for Jan 6, 2024.

My human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

Centenarian says key to longevity is Dr. Pepper.

13-yr-old Blue Scuti (Willis Gibson) becomes the first human to beat Tetris.

Twitch to ban people pretending to be naked. But it’s still fine to pretend to be a serial killer?

CEO of crypto firm entirely deepfaked.

Slinky skills win guy new world record category.

Blackberry style keyboard case for iPhone. Of course, it makes your iPhone so long it won’t fit in a pocket.

Many EVs lose tax incentives this year.

Recliner in Pothole gets living room decor.

Motorized Sofa: Why walk to the fridge when you can drive it to the store?

Those we lost: Hutch, David Soul, 80. Actor, Harry Johnson, 81. Jazz great Les McCann, 88.


It’s a thing: plastic surgery to make a dog’s ears look like Mickey Mouse.

Mickey, Minnie & Winnie enter the public domain

Lion cubs play with dad’s tail as he’s trying to sleep.

Pesticide company holds religious ceremony for dead bugs.

Family cat thwarts two coyotes attacking little dog.


Toyota teaches AI to drift a Supra. Will this lead to a big market for driverless racing?

Google creates human-protecting AI constitution based on Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics.

Microsoft adds Copilot AI key to keyboards.

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